HVAC Service Maintenance Program Gold Star Package (Preformed at Spring time.)

Includes the following:

Condenser coil inspection and clean up. (Dirty coils will lead up to system failure.)
Refrigerant charge check utilizing superheat/subcooling method. (Improper refrigerant charge will cause shutdown or failure of system, burnt out compressor.)
Check heating ductwork for air leaks and proper insulation (attic install). Uninsulated ductwork or poor insulation of the ductwork in unconditioned areas will create condensation.
Blower wheels and fans clean up, motor lubrication.
Air filter replacement.
Complete diagnostic and calibration of thermostats.
Condensate drain check up. (Clogged drain can cause water damage to your property as well as equipment damage).
Relays and Contactor check up.

Unit electrical wiring check up. (Damaged wiring can be an electrical and fire hazard).

Complete Package Price: $165.00 (Backed up with our warranty)
Be sure to check our Heating Service Maintenance Program.

Heating Service Maintenance Program

Clean and adjust thermostat.
Clean and adjust all safety controls.
Vacuum clean burners and controls.
Clean and adjust pilot light assembly.
Lubricate all moving parts.
Check belt and adjust tension.
Check filter.
Check flu pipe.
Check heat exchanger for leakage.
Check fans for alignment.
Clean blower wheel if needed.

Check overall operating performance of the heating system.

Complete Package Price: $165.00 (Backed up with our warranty)